Lännentila farm with many activities

Lännentila Farm

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Lännentila is local farm from Lumijoki near Oulu. We have more than hundred hectars fields in Lumijoki area. There is growing potatoes, strawberries, onions, peas, cauliflowers and broccolis. You can find our products also from markets around Oulu area and Oulu Tori.

You should definitely visit us if you have time and chance to get to Lumijoki. You are warmly welcome to our farm for free every day. The opening day is 5th July 2022. Address is Lännentie 43, Lumijoki (Google maps). About 40 minutes route from Oulu.

Farm activities


We have farmshop with fresh local products, all the products are picked up daily. We sell our own products; strawberries, peas, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers and broccolis. We also sell our strawberry-caps and strawberry-bags!


The main building of the farm has been inhabited since 1690. The Lännenpirtti café is located in this centuries-old log cabin.

This country café offers you homemade tasty pastries that contain products from our farm. These are traditional Finnish pastries; pancakes, buns, chocolate mudcake, strawberry cakes… The café also serves savory pies and stuffed breads. And let’s not forget the soft ice cream!

You can have your coffee inside or go out to enjoy the beautiful courtyard! Check out cafe’s Instagram-site here.


We have lots of different animals in our farmyard; sheeps, ducks, chickens, bunnies and ponies. We also offer free pony rides for kids from Monday to Saturday, between 11-15 o’clock. The animals warmly welcome you to visit, for free!


We have a sandbox and toys for children in our farmyard. We also have pedal tractors for kids to drive. Do you like to play minigolf? You can do it in our farm for free! And hey, have you met our mascot, Bison?



Summer fair with more than 50 local vendors. Lot of different activities for kids and adults. The main star of the day is Roni Back, famous Finnish Youtuber. This is the biggest market event in Northern Finland during summer time. Check more about the day from Facebook. Free entry! Book bus transport to fairs here.


Weekend with the many farm vehicles and delicious products in our Cafe. Free entry!

Lännenpirtti café is located in this main building of the farm.
Pony rides are a children's favorite!
At Lännentila we work with young, positive energy!
Fresh strawberries every day!